The Truth Behind Cosmetics: Unveiling the Reality and How to Choose Wisely

The Truth Behind Cosmetics: Unveiling the Reality and How to Choose Wisely

The Truth Behind Cosmetics: Unveiling the Reality and How to Choose Wisely

In our pursuit of youth, radiance, and healthy skin, cosmetics have become our steadfast companions. From creams to lotions and conditioners, we seek these products not just for their promises but for the comfort they bring – the reassurance that we're investing in self-care. But amidst the plethora of options, it's crucial to ask: Do these cosmetics truly deliver on their claims?

With five decades of experience in the chemical industry and 18 years in cosmetic production, I've uncovered a harsh reality: for many manufacturers, quantity often outweighs quality. Their focus on selling higher quantities at premium prices can overshadow the genuine welfare of customers' skin.

Surprisingly, the cost of cosmetic packaging often surpasses the product within by two to three times. Aesthetic appeal frequently trumps actual effectiveness. Upon opening, products engage our senses – the fragrance, texture, consistency, and appearance seduce our attention. Yet, amidst this allure, a question remains largely unaddressed: How do these products sustain a prolonged shelf life?

Let's delve into the main phases of cosmetic production and their key ingredients:

  1. Fat Phase/Layer: This layer, rich in fats and oils, aids in transporting vital nutrients deep into the skin.
  2. Water Phase/Layer: While essential, excessive water in creams can backfire, leaving us with more damage than repair. Creams laden with water beyond nutrient-delivering ingredients may lead to dryness. Manufacturers then resort to cheap additives like emulsifiers, often cellulose derivatives.
  3. Emulsification: To stabilize creams, emulsifiers or detergents are crucial. The once-used euceryt from lanolin allowed a mere 30-35% water. Now, cost-effective sulfides are more prevalent.
  4. Preservatives: These extend shelf life and prevent spoilage. Although formalin and benzoic acid are rare, their derivatives like parabens still prevail under various names.

Sadly, the addition of preservatives often leads to harmful side effects on the skin, including dryness, inflammation, or allergies. These preservatives undermine the benefits of the fat phase, rendering them negligible and barely a mention on labels.

As the industry evolves, it introduces novel resources – steroids and collagen. While effective, their use requires understanding. Our skin naturally produces them; their application in creams diminishes our body's natural production.

Intriguingly, for those aged 75-85, the body's self-production decline holds less significance. Yet, for individuals aged 45-65, using such products for a few years may result in prematurely aged skin, contradicting the intended youthful outcome.

Amidst these revelations, it's crucial to note that not all cosmetics are equal. The path to wise cosmetic use lies in informed decisions based on time-tested knowledge. Marrying ancient wisdom with modern technology, we've crafted cosmetics that are 100% natural, devoid of water, and absent of chemicals. While their texture and aroma might not delight, they tap into the skin's natural regenerative prowess, thwarting the signs of aging and promoting health.

In our journey through the cosmetic landscape, let caution be our guide and knowledge our ally. Choose wisely, and let the advances of modern technology align harmoniously with time-tested wisdom. Our commitment is to offer cosmetics that don't merely promise but genuinely deliver – stimulating your skin's vitality, and thwarting the advances of time.

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