Ginseng confirm skin health benefits

Ginseng confirm skin health benefits

Every day brings new beauty products, brands, and categories. Back to Basics is a basic beauty series that explains the science behind top products. Ginseng for the skin.


Ginseng's medicinal uses are well-known. Many consider it a cure-all adaptogen. It reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, and increases cognitive function, energy,  sugar levels and cholesterol. Larger doses of ginseng help cancer patients' tiredness. Ginseng's skin care advantages may use more awareness; it's also effective when applied topically. Like many herbal ingredients, it's been revered in its own culture for decades, and the beauty world is finally catching up. 

Ginseng is the fleshy root of the Pan plant, especially Asian or Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) and American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). It's been used in Asian medicine for more than a thousand years for its therapeutic powers. Its botanical name, Panax, comes from the Greek word for 'universal cure' Has been used as an aphrodisiac, anti-ageing and energy-boosting aid, and antioxidant, for renal, and reproductive disorders. Ginseng supplements are common today. Orally ingested, it possesses adaptogenic qualities that help the body handle stress and return to balance.



Benefits to Skin 

Ginseng has long been utilised in Asian skincare, and the rest of the world is catching up. Historically, ginseng paste was applied to the skin to heal, so we use it in our strong rescue balm Titan and also in Achilles to treat and prevent Athlete's Foot.


People in Asia cook ginseng slices and used the water for better skin. Ginseng is widely found in toners, essences, face creams, treatments, and bar soaps. 

Ginseng includes antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, and anti-melanogenic substances that enhance skin health, texture, discolouration, and ageing. Ginseng supports collagen through antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions, potentially by lowering collagen breakdown and activating enzymes that boost its creation. It promotes skin clarity by preventing pigment formation. It's popular in skincare and hair care because it boosts microcirculation from the root, says our chemist Andrzej Witowski  He advises ginseng-based root volumizers.


From a Western, proof medical perspective, we're only understanding how ginseng helps the skin.


Best Use?

Elma suggests ginseng for older and pale skin, as well as sun-damaged skin. Ginseng is a low-risk plant-based option for skin revitalise. Formulated with Calendula and Chamomile for anti-inflammatory and brightening effects.


In skin care, ginseng is described as Panax Ginseng Root Extract. We recommend Titan and Achilles extremely high as the ingredient list is with synergy to each other just extraordinary.

White and red ginseng extracts are common. The former is dried and powdered, whereas the latter is steamed before drying. We have improved formulation, stability, and absorption by separating more potent ginseng components and mixing them with great-quality Lanolin.

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