Benefits of Calendula in skincare

Benefits of Calendula in skincare

Why Calendula is so important for ElmaSkinCare?












Whether you're an Elma veteran or a skincare rookie, you've probably heard us praise calendula. This strong herb has been an Elma staple for almost 15 years. Nearly 15 years ago, we created the iconic Marigold 



Nearly 15 years ago, we created the iconic Marigold  Calendula has been a fixture in our technology skincare products since its discovery.






Here's why we adore calendula. Learn about calendula's history and three skin advantages.   Read on to understand why calendula is vital to healthy-looking skin.






Calendula officinalis is a Mediterranean flower. Calendula's brilliant blooms and earthy scent make it a popular garden plant. It's also used in cooking, especially as a cheaper alternative to saffron.






Calendula extract is used in cosmetics to treat acne and inflammation. World Health Organization recognises its safety. It's used in sensitive skin products.






Calendula in Elma's product



Hand-picked calendula petals are included in our recipes. Air-drying the petals preserves the plant's characteristics.






Calendula skin benefits



Now that you know Elma's calendula background, we can explore its aesthetic advantages. Discover three marigold skin advantages and why we use them in Elma's product.






Calendula reduces sensitivity and soothes irritation.



Calendula extract reduces inflammation, especially on delicate skin. Calendula's skin-soothing advantages come from its anti-inflammatory characteristics and ability to decrease trans-epidermal water loss, which enhances the skin's defences against irritantitan.We  use Calendula in all our products  such as Skin Revitaliser - Iris or SOS balm -Titan.  It reduces skin irritation.



Calendula Benefit #2: Antioxidants



Calendula's skincare advantages include protecting the skin from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress describes skin damage from free radicals or reactive oxygen. These harmful chemicals build on the skin following exposure to UV radiation or pollutants. Free radicals can destroy collagen and elastin if left unchecked.









How Calendula help? Calendula flowers include flavonoids, polyphenols, and carotenoids. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals, minimising their skin effects. Calendula protects the skin from stress, keeping it healthy and beautiful.






Calendula Extract may hydrate skin.



Calendula flower extract contains antioxidants and skin-friendly oils, according to research. Calendula seeds have a high quantity of linoleic and calendric acid, however, the exact amounts vary on where the petals were grown when they were picked, and how the extraction was prepared.

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