Discover Elma Skin Care: Unveiling the Power of Nature for Skin Wellness

Discover Elma Skin Care: Unveiling the Power of Nature for Skin Wellness

Elma Skin Care unveils a world where ointments, creams, and oils transcend mere products, emerging as potent and natural solutions. With unparalleled efficacy, our offerings address many skin ailments – from psoriasis and acne to eczema, fungus, and various hair and nail concerns.

Every Elma Skin Care creation bears the mark of eco-friendliness, harnessing the finest ingredients in a harmonious symphony. Our foundation rests on the essence of calendula stem cells, meticulously extracted through an entirely natural process. These stem cells, the heart of our powerful products, possess an inherent affinity for human tissues, empowering the body's natural repair mechanisms.

Throughout the production journey, meticulous care is exercised:

  • Dormant Plant Stem Cells: The essence of our formulations lies in preserving plant stem cells within the ointment.
  • Effective Delivery: Ensuring the safe and effective delivery of stem cells to the skin surface, where transformation unfolds.
  • Activation and Amplification: These plant stem cells awaken on the skin's surface, synergistically enhancing the activity of human stem cells and fostering rejuvenation from within.

What sets our products apart?

  • Proven Efficacy: Our products deliver tangible results, a testament to their exceptional effectiveness.
  • Crafted with Passion: Passion and quality reign supreme, with heart, poured into every formulation, favouring quality over quantity.
  • Homemade Excellence: Rooted in a family-owned enterprise, our products exude the authenticity of "homemade" care.
  • Purity Personified: Purely natural, our creations bear no side effects, absent of steroids, artificial preservatives, parabens, antibiotics, harmful chemicals, and even water.

Meet Andrew Witowski B.Sc., M.Sc., University of Warsaw:

The visionary mind behind Elma Skin Care, Andrew Witowski, embarked on a chemistry journey at a tender age. Born in Poland and later immigrating to Canada in 1991, his fascination with chemicals and mixtures grew with him.

His journey:

  • Foundation of Knowledge: Graduated from the Chemical Technology College in Poland in 1968, followed by a Chemical Technology degree from the University of Warsaw in 1974 – akin to a master's in chemistry in Canada.
  • Industrial Innovation: Andrew's journey took him through various ventures, from antibiotic companies to electroplating at De Gussa, culminating in a chemical innovation company.
  • Personal Quest: Driven by his granddaughter's psoriasis, Andrew embarked on a quest for a solution. Years of research paved the way for Elma Skin Care, a range expanding beyond psoriasis, encompassing multiple skin disorders, hair loss, and brittle/infected nails.

At Elma Skin Care, nature's prowess converges with scientific innovation, unravelling a world of wellness for your skin. Our journey is defined by dedication, experience, and a passion for transforming skin health, making Andrew Witowski's vision a reality.

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